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Locate the merged image

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Step 3: Locate the merged image

After processing has finished, the 32-bit merged image is automatically re-imported into the Lightroom library, and appears in the Grid and Filmstrip. If the "Stack with first selected photo" option was selected, then it will be grouped with the photos that were merged.

If the image does not appear in Lightroom, check the Filmstrip Source Indicator and menu. If it is showing "Previous Import", access the menu as shown on the screenshot on the top right, and select All Photographs.

You may notice that the image currently doesn't look very attractive, with shadows that are too dark and highlights that are too bright. This is because it is a 32-bit image, representing the full range of brightness in your original photos, and this doesn't display well on conventional monitors.

To adjust the 32-bit image for display, click on the photo, and select Develop from the module list above the library catalog. You can then adjust the image as detailed in step 4.

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