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Quick Tutorial of Photomatix Pro

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Step 1: Take photos of an HDR scene

To create the best HDR images, you need to take enough exposures to properly cover the dynamic range of the scene.

If your camera offers Auto-Exposure Bracketing (AEB), select the Continuous Shooting mode, make sure the camera is set to Aperture Priority, and select an exposure increment of +/-2. The camera will automatically vary the shutter speed each time the shutter button is pressed, taking several exposures spaced by two-stop increments.

You may have to change the exposures manually if your camera does not offers AEB, or if it can only take 3 auto-bracketed frames when the dynamic range of the scene requires 5 or more.

Photomatix enables you to align images if the camera moved slightly between frames, but using a tripod is still recommended.

In Step 2, we will load the images into Photomatix.

3 low dynamic range images