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Photomatix Pro Tutorial: The Basics

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a High Dynamic Range (HDR) image using three photographs of the same scene taken under different exposures, and how to process the HDR image in order to reveal its details in highlights and shadows.

HDR images contain more detail in bright and dark areas than ordinary images. However, because of its large dynamic range, an HDR image does not look "correct" when displayed on your monitor. With Photomatix, you can process this HDR image for output on a printer or for display on a monitor.

HDR image creation starts with taking photos of a High Dynamic Range scene as detailed in Step 1

Note: Photomatix allows you to create a pseudo-HDR image from a single RAW file, but the correct way to create an HDR image is with photographs taken with different exposures.
This tutorial only covers HDR processing with multiple exposures.


This tutorial is for the Mac version of Photomatix Pro. The tutorial for the Windows version is here.