Merge to 32-bit Plugin


Merges bracketed photos to HDR and saves the merged image as 32-bit TIFF.

The merge to HDR includes alignment and automatic ghosting removal.

Note that the plugin does not process the 32-bit TIFF file it creates. If you want to create HDR photos from Lightroom with Photomatix HDR Tone Mapping and Exposure Fusion, please download the Photomatix Plugin for Lightroom included for free in Photomatix Pro.

Differences with Lightroom CC Merge to HDR

Lightroom includes a feature to merge to HDR, and therefore the same feature as the Merge to 32-bit Plugin, but there are differences, the main ones being:

  • The Merge to 32-bit Plugin uses different algorithms than Lightroom to merge, align and remove ghosts. In some cases, this results in smoother highlights in the merged HDR image created by the Merge to 32-bit plugin.
  • Lightroom auto-tones the merged images it creates, while it doesn't do it for images created with the Merge to 32-bit plugin.

Purchase a license

A license for the Merge to 32-bit Plugin costs US$39. It is a one-time purchase valid for one user, and can be installed on other computers you use.

Order a license for the Merge to 32-bit Plugin

Download a free trial

Merge to 32-bit Plugin 1.2 for Windows  (Windows 10 / 8 / 7 - 64-bit)

Merge to 32-bit Plugin 1.2 for Mac  (10.5 or higher)

The trial doesn't expire but adds a 'Photomatix' watermark to the saved image.

Using the Plugin

  1. Install the plugin and restart Lightroom
  2. Select bracketed photos from either the Filmstrip or the Grid.
  3. Right-click to invoke the contextual menu.
  4. Select Export and then Merge to 32-bit HDR
  5. Select the desired options and click on the Merge button
  6. In case the merged image does not show once the merge has completed, click above the filmstrip and check All Photographs.
  7. You can then adjust the merged image in Lightroom's Develop module.