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HDRsoft develops innovative photo editing software based on High Dynamic Range imaging techniques. The company's founder pioneered HDR photography software with the introduction of Photomatix in February 2003.

Almost all members of our team are photographers (pro or enthusiast), and we all share the same goal: building tools that let photographers create images they love. We strive towards this goal by constantly improving our products and excelling at customer support.

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HDRsoft Ltd is registered in the UK under company number 7563666 and VAT number GB131365344

Business address:
11 Honeycombe Beach, Bournemouth BH5 1LE, United Kingdom
Registered address:

4th Floor, International House, Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XE, United Kingdom

(if you wish to send us something by post, please mail it to our business address in Bournemouth)

The members of the HDRsoft team are working remotely from diverse locations all over the world. The best represented country is the US where most of the Support Team is located. Other members are located in the UK, Canada, Poland, Australia and a few other countries.

Job opportunities

We are currently looking for an experienced marketing communications manager.

We are also for people to strengthen our support team. If you are experienced in customer or technical support, please click here for details.

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