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HDRsoft develops innovative photo editing software based on High Dynamic Range imaging techniques. The company's founder pioneered HDR photography software with the introduction of Photomatix in February 2003.

Photomatix today is within the reach of everyone who wants to bring out the best in a photograph. It's just as effective however it's used, whether as part of your professional editing workflow or purely for fun and personal satisfaction.

All members of the HDRsoft team are passionate about photography, with a few being professional photographers. Photomatix has evolved and become more sophisticated over the years but, as a team, our goal remains the same: building photo editing tools that anyone can use to create images they love, whether they are just beginning with photography or are professional photographers with advanced needs.

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HDRsoft Ltd is registered in the UK under company number 7563666

Address: 11 Honeycombe Beach, Bournemouth BH5 1LE, United Kingdom

VAT number: GB131365344

VAT MOSS number: EU372018502

The members of the HDRsoft team are working remotely from diverse locations all over the world. The best represented country is the US where most of the Support Team is located. Other members are located in the UK, Canada, Australia and a few other countries.

HDRsoft is committed to do what it can to protect the environment. We aren't driving to work since we are working remotely, our face to face meetings can only involve people living in the same region to avoid travelling by plane, and we contribute 1% of our sales processed by credit card to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere via our e-commerce provider Stripe.

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