Customer Support


Providing support for customers and users of HDRsoft products. See our FAQ for an idea of the types of queries frequently received.

The role includes both customer care and technical support. Its primary focus is email-based support, done through HDRsoft's helpdesk system, but it may also include live chat and/or phone support at a later stage.


  • Excellent communication skills, especially listening skills
  • Patient and friendly
  • Good computer knowledge and problem-solving skills
  • Very good written English
  • At least basic photography knowledge
  • Experienced user of Photomatix


  • Prior experience in a customer or technical support position
  • Proficient with both Windows and Mac OS X
  • Native English speaker
  • Willingness to work during weekends
  • Experience in using Photoshop and Lightroom or Aperture


  • We highly value the role of customer support. This means we pay members of our Support Team above average rates, but it also means that we are particularly demanding about quality.
  • Work is done under a contractor/freelancing relationship.
  • Workload varies and depends on several factors, some of which can change unpredictably. We expect that you will be available at least 10 hours per week.

If you are interested, please email, telling us a bit about yourself and your motivations for the job. We prefer all information in an email body, but pdf attachments are ok.