HDR Exposures Calculator app FAQ

Who is the HDR Exposures Calculator intended for?

The HDR Exposures Calculator app is for photographers who are capturing a scene with a particularly high dynamic range (an interior with a bright view through the window, for instance) and who want to get the best quality output.

The app helps determine the exposures you need to capture to get the best merged HDR result.

The app is only needed when you are taking a scene with high or very high dynamic range. It isn't needed for an outdoor scene, except in specific cases.

The HDR Exposure Calculator can also be used as a learning tool (until it's not needed anymore). The app visualizes the process of determining the exposures needed. This leads to a better understanding of HDR photography image capture, making it then easy to figure out the exposure settings without the assistance of the app.

Can I use the HDR Exposures Calculator in the field without an Internet connection?

The web version of the app (at hdrsoft.com/ev) downloads a small amount of data when you open it, and then does all its calculation offline.

This means you can use the web app even with a poor data connection. If you don't have any Internet connection while in the field, then just make sure you have a browser page open with the HDR Exposures Calculator on your smartphone before leaving to a location without Internet.

If the browser on your mobile phone or tablet attempts to reload the app's page when you use it in the field, then cancel the refresh to prevent the page from reloading. If it has already reloaded and you now have a blank page because there is no Internet, then use the browser's Back button to get the HDR Exposures Calculator back.

My camera can take photos in 3 EV steps, why does the app limit to 2 EV?

Photos taken with more than 2 EV between them don't provide a sufficiently good coverage of the tonal range to ensure a high quality merged HDR image.

Since the HDR Exposures Calculator is intended for photographers who need high quality results as outlined above, we thought it would be misleading for the app to support 3 or more EV spacing.

Is there an HDR Exposures Calculator for Android phones?

You can use the HDR Exposures Calculator in any browser app on your Android phone, once you've downloaded the web version of the app. It won't run in a dedicated app, but in a tab of your browser app.

See more info in the section on using the HDR Exposures Calculator in the field.

Does the HDR Exposures Calculator app work on iOS?

Yes. The HDR Exposures Calculator app is available for iPhone and iPad in the App Store for $2.99.

If you don't want to pay for the app, you can use its web version in Safari, or any other web browser on your iPhone. See more info in the section on using the HDR Exposures Calculator in the field.

The web version of the HDR Exposures Calculator app (hdrsoft.com/ev) is free of charge, and doesn't collect any data or personal information whatsoever.