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Quality Engineer Job


Testing and bug reporting of HDRsoft standalone applications and plugins. We are interested in both Windows and Macintosh testing experience, though we currently have more testing needs for the Mac platform.

  • Experienced user of Photomatix, including at least one year regular use of Photomatix Pro.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to write bug reports that are clear and descriptive, and yet concise.
  • Self-motivated and ability to work relatively independently with minimal direction.
  • Comfortable with email-based discussion as main communication tool (all members of the Photomatix team are working remotely).
  • Ability to be available on a short notice.
  • Photoshop and Lightroom or Aperture.
  • Experience with software testing and bug reporting.
  • Ability to test on several versions of the OS.
  • Use of several camera models.
  • Work is done under a freelancing/consulting type of relationship.
  • Workload is very variable and depends on the release cycles of our products. The highest workload is typically during beta testing periods, and usually does not exceed 20 hours per week. In other periods, there is either no work required or a workload of a few hours a week.


If you are interested, please email jobs@hdrsoft.com, telling us a bit about yourself and your motivations for the job. We prefer all information in an email body, but pdf attachments are ok.