Real Estate Photography FAQ

How do pros photograph interiors with a bright view outside?

Ever tried to take a real estate interior and ended up with a dark photo and blown out windows?

If this rings a bell don't worry, it's not just you. Photographing an interior with a bright view through the windows is one of the most demanding photography assignments, and one that challenges even seasoned professionals [continue...]

What's the best ISO setting to photograph real estate interiors?

As often in photography, the best ISO setting comes down to a compromise. It also depends on the situation. For real estate interiors ISO 400 is generally a good choice.

This is because it helps you get bright, attractive photographs of your property, while still keeping the image sharp. When you're choosing the settings to use for your exposure bracketing [continue...]

How do I take photos in a room with mixed lighting?

Have you ever sat down to edit your photos and noticed that the colors just don’t look quite right? Maybe the leaves in your photo are looking a little bit too blue, and those walls definitely weren’t yellow in reality. This happens when the white balance of your photos is off, causing an unintended [continue...]

Which Camera Settings should I use for Twilight Photography?

Many people would nominate twilight as the best time of day for photography, and that definitely includes real estate photography. However, shooting at this time of day isn't easy.

To help you nail your twilight shots time after time, here's a look at the settings and techniques used by the top real estate photographers [continue...]

What's the Best Height for Shooting Real Estate Interiors?

In real estate photography, the height of your camera can have a significant impact on the final image. You might assume that eye level was the best option, but most professional photographers agree that shooting interiors from a lower height produces more pleasing results. So, how low should you go? Here is a definitive guide [continue...]

How do I deliver real estate photos at 300 DPI?

You may have had some clients request that the photos you took of their property be delivered at 300 DPI, or with a resolution of 300 DPI, and wonder how you do that. The good news is that your photos probably already satisfy this requirement.

Here's what it means, and how you can make sure you're providing images at 300 DPI [continue...]

Why do straight lines turn out curved in my property photos?

When you take a photo of a real estate scene that has straight lines, such as a room interior or walls in a property exterior, you may find that those lines appear crooked or curved in your final photograph. This can affect both horizontal or vertical lines, and they may appear to be sloping or bending inwards or outwards [continue...]