Comparison Chart - Photomatix for Linux

  Photomatix Essentials Photomatix for Linux Photomatix Pro
Alignment of Hand-Held Photos
Merge to HDR
Maximum number of bracketed photos per set 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Tone Mapping with Details Enhancer
Tone Mapping with Contrast Optimizer
Exposure Fusion with Fusion/Natural
Exposure Fusion with Fusion/Interior - -
Advanced Tone Mapping/Fusion Settings -
Finishing (Sharpening & Contrast) -
Saving & Loading Custom Presets
Thumbnails of Built-in Presets
Thumbnails of Custom Presets - -
Favorite Presets - -
Preset Thumbnails Display Options - -
Native RAW support
Fusion from a Single RAW File - -
Noise Reduction
Automatic Ghost Removal
Advanced Ghost Removal Tools - -
Chromatic Aberration Reduction - -
Batch Processing of Bracketed Photos -
Batch Processing of Single Photos - -
Opening & Saving in 32-bit HDR Image Formats - -