PhotomatixCL Documentation


PhotomatixCL is a Command Line Interface tool that lets you integrate HDR image processing in your application.

PhotomatixCL takes exposure bracketed photos as input, merges them to HDR with alignment and ghost removal, and further processes the image with HDR tone mapping or exposure fusion. The 32-bit merged HDR image can be saved as EXR or Radiance, and the tone mapped LDR image as JPEG or TIFF.

PhotomatixCL is based on the same HDR styles and presets as the Photomatix Pro application which you can try for free. You can get a good idea of what PhotomatixCL can do by using Photomatix Pro's Batch Bracketed Photos tool.

PhotomatixCL runs on Windows and Linux.

A PhotomatixCL license can be used on a single machine, or shared between multiple machines.

Getting Started

To download PhotomatixCL and get going quickly, visit the PhotomatixCL Download page.

For more detail on installing PhotomatixCL, including setting up a license server, see the installation guide.

For some common examples of PhotomatixCL in use, see the examples page.

For a full reference of the command-line options, check the PhotomatixCL reference.