Download PhotomatixCL

PhotomatixCL is a Command Line Interface tool that lets you integrate HDR image processing in your application.

PhotomatixCL takes a set of bracketed photos as input, merges them to HDR with alignment and ghost removal, and further processes the image with HDR tone mapping or exposure fusion. The resulting image can be saved as JPEG or TIFF, and the 32-bit merged HDR image as EXR or Radiance.

Check the PhotomatixCL Documentation for a description of the commands for using PhotomatixCL.

PhotomatixCL is based on the same HDR styles and presets as the Photomatix Pro application which you can try for free. You can get a good idea of what PhotomatixCL can do by using Photomatix Pro's Batch Bracketed Photos tool.

PhotomatixCL runs on Windows and Linux.

A PhotomatixCL license can be used on a single machine, or shared between multiple machines.

You can try PhotomatixCL for free by downloading it below. The trial is fully functional but adds a watermark to the resulting images. Purchasing a PhotomatixCL subscription license disables the watermark.


Download PhotomatixCL 7.0.1 for Windows (Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7  -  64-bit)


Download PhotomatixCL 7.0.1 for Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 / Ubuntu 22.04 / Linux Mint  -  64-bit)

If you installed PhotomatixCL on a distro other than the ones supported and are getting an error about loading a 'libIlmImf' library, then try the statically linked version of PhotomatixCL instead:

Download statically linked version of PhotomatixCL

Note that the statically linked version doesn't include lens correction.

Quick start installation

Use the quick start installation instructions below if you are installing a license for a single machine


  1. Double-click on the file you downloaded and follow the instructions of the installation setup wizard.
  2. The PhotomatixCL.exe executable is installed into the folder you selected (by default C:\Program Files\PhotomatixCL).


  1. Go to the directory where you want PhotomatixCL to be installed, and run this command:

    tar xf FolderDownloadedFile/PhotomatixCL-6.1.1.tar.gz

    Where FolderDownloadedFile is the path to the folder where you downloaded PhotomatixCL.

  2. To get EXIF data copied to output files, install the "exiftool" package using your system's package manager.
  3. If you want to get automatic lens correction (for cameras and lenses that are supported), install the "lensfun" data package on your system. This is called different things on different systems, but try "lensfun", "liblensfun" or "liblensfun-data".

More information

If you're installing a license for use on multiple machines, or for more detail on installing PhotomatixCL, see the PhotomatixCL installation guide.

The syntax and commands for using PhotomatixCL are in the PhotomatixCL Documentation.

You can also use the PhotomatixCL Driver command line utility to run PhotomatixCL on a folder of bracketed photos.