PhotomatixCL is a command-line program designed to be integrated into automated HDR processing solutions.

The pricing for a PhotomatixCL license is detailed here.

Note: PhotomatixCL has no graphical user interface and is intended for people with IT expertise. If you are looking for an HDR software to use interactively, try Photomatix Pro instead.


Download PhotomatixCL for Windows (Windows 10 / 8 / 7  -  64-bit)


Download PhotomatixCL for Linux (Ubuntu / Linux Mint / Fedora  -  64-bit)

Installation instructions


  1. Double-click on the file you downloaded and follow the instructions of the installation setup wizard.
  2. The PhotomatixCL.exe executable is installed into the folder you selected (by default C:\Program Files\PhotomatixCL).


  1. Go to the directory where you want PhotomatixCL to be installed, and run this command:

    tar xf FolderDownloadedFile/PhotomatixCL-6.0.tar.gz

    Where FolderDownloadedFile is the path to the folder where you downloaded PhotomatixCL.

  2. To get EXIF data copied to output files, install the "exiftool" package using your system's package manager.
  3. If you want to get automatic lens correction (for cameras and lenses that are supported), install the "lensfun" data package on your system. This is called different things on different systems, but try "lensfun", "liblensfun" or "liblensfun-data".

More information

Documentation for using PhotomatixCL, including syntax and command-line in PhotomatixCL Documentation.