PhotomatixCL Pricing Plans
Lite Standard Custom


from $59.99/month


1k HDR merges* per month.

5k or 10k HDR merges* per month.

Includes priority technical support.

More than 10k HDR merges* per month or pricing per project.

Please contact the Photomatix Team to customise your plan.
1,000  HDR merges/month   HDR merges/month  
$19.99 /month $59.99 /month  

* One 'HDR merge' lets you process one set of exposure bracketed images through PhotomatixCL.

Pay As You Go
If you use PhotomatixCL infrequently, you may prefer to buy HDR merge credits when you need them.  HDR merge credits

One HDR merge credit lets you process one set of bracketed images through PhotomatixCL at any time. Unlike a subscription, however, the number of HDR merges isn't renewed each month.

PhotomatixCL lets you integrate HDR image processing into your application with the HDR merge and tone mapping options available in Photomatix Pro.

PhotomatixCL is a command line interface tool that runs on Windows and Linux.

A PhotomatixCL license can be used on a single machine, or shared between multiple machines.

Try PhotomatixCL for free

The trial adds a watermark to the output images - purchasing a PhotomatixCL license disables the watermark

PhotomatixCL takes exposure bracketed images as input, merges them to HDR with alignment and ghost removal, and processes the image with HDR tone mapping or exposure fusion. The processed image is saved as JPEG or TIFF, and the 32-bit merged HDR image as EXR or Radiance.

See the PhotomatixCL documentation for the details on how to use the command line interface.


  • The subscription payment is by credit card and handled by our reseller FastSpring. Please contact us if you prefer to pay via PayPal or ACH.
  • If you would like to use PhotomatixCL for charitable projects, please contact us to inquire about a complimentary license.