HDR Tutorial for Real Estate Photographers (part III)

III - Automating HDR Merge of Real Estate Photos

To merge and render multiple sets of bracketed photos, you can automate the process by following the steps below.

Open Photomatix Pro and click Batch Bracketed Photos on the left menu.
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Click on Select Source Folder, browse to the folder containing your bracketed photo sets and select the folder.
In the 'Bracket Selection' section, select the number of frames per bracketed set. For example, select "9" if the bracketed sets you are batching consist of nine exposures each.

Note: You can still use the batch when your bracketed sets are composed of varying number of exposures. In this case, select the Advanced selection radio-button, click 'Options...' and select Automatically detect number of bracketed frames.

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Select the Preset radio button on the top right, choose 'Architecture' for the style and select a preset you like.

The Interior 2 preset is particularly well suited to interiors with a bright window. If you are batching real estate exterior shots, try the Natural preset instead.

Note: You can save a preset when you adjust the HDR rendering manually. The preset you save will then be listed on the batch's preset pop-up menu.

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Check Align images and Reduce noise.

Make sure to leave the 'Ghost Removal' box unchecked, as ghost removal is intended for scenes with moving objects or people.

Now click on the Run button. The batch will process each set in the selected folder, merging the exposures to HDR then rendering with the Preset you selected.

The batch offers several options and advanced settings to automate your workflow. For a detailed description, refer to section 4 of Photomatix Pro's user manual (which you can access via the 'Help' menu).

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