Highlights of Photomatix for Linux

Merge to HDR

Load bracketed photos and merge them to HDR, with options for automatic image alignment when you've taken hand-held photos, and automatic ghost removal when moving objects or people are present in the scene.

Screenshot Merge to HDR Options Photomatix for Linux

Merging a bracketed photos set to HDR

Screenshot Adjust and Preview Photomatix for Linux

5 HDR methods to choose the desired style

Adjust the HDR image to your liking

You can choose between five Tone Mapping and Exposure Fusion methods to find the style you want for your image, then fine tune it using a large range of settings.

New in version 1.1 Tone Balancer Tone Mapping method, which is good for realistic-looking results and adds five built-in presets

One-click presets

Choose from 37 built-in presets to quickly get a particular look, or use them as a starting point for further adjustments.

New in version 1.1 You can also create your own presets or import presets created by others.

Screenshot built-in and custom presets Photomatix for Linux

Built-in presets | Custom presets

Screenshot Finishing Touch Photomatix for Linux

Cropping and adjusting contrast or sharpening

Finishing Touch

New in version 1.1 Add finishing touches to your HDR image with contrast and sharpening options, or crop it to remove distractions and improve the photo's composition.

Batch Processing

Automate the HDR rendering when you return from a photo shoot, and let Photomatix create the HDR images with your preferred preset and settings while you do something else.

Screenshot built-in and custom presets Photomatix for Linux

Automating with batch processing

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