Resources on Photomatix and HDR Photography

The Basics

Third-party Tutorials

HDR for Real Estate Photography

HDR for Astrophotography

HDR with Timelapses

Recommended Readings

  • HDR Best Practices Guide starting with "Part I: In The Field" from Brian Matiash.
  • A Plea For HDR: Informative essay on the HDR technique and its critics by Alexandre Buisse on the Luminous-Landscape website.

Bracketed Photo Resources and Tools

Books and tutorials available for purchase through third parties

  • Complete guide to High Dynamic Range digital photography by Ferrell McCollough: beautifully illustrated and practically oriented guide, including many technical advices you will not find anywhere else.
  • The HDRI Handbook 2.0 High Dynamic Range Imaging for Photographers and CG Artists by Christian Bloch: In-depth exploration of all aspects of HDR imaging and techniques, including practical tips, artist interviews, and step-by-step tutorials.
  • HDR Beyond the Basics iBook from Doug Sloss: step-by-step video tutorials showing HDR workflow in Lightroom including organizing, effective tone mapping and post-processing.
  • HDR and Photoshop: Colin Smith's guide to the world of HDR. The second edition is extended to 4 hours and updated for Photoshop CS5 and Photomatix 4.
  • HDR Mastery: Ben Willmore's online class made into a DVD, showing step-by-step how to master HDR imaging.
  • HDR Photography Made Easy: Tony Sweet shows all the steps in capturing and processing HDR images.
  • Mastering HDR Photography by Michael Freeman: well documented and researched book, covering essential elements of HDR and tonemapping, illustrating theory with practical examples, and including case studies.

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