PhotomatixCL driver

PhotomatixCL Driver is a very simple program, run from the command line, that batches a folder of bracketed photos using PhotomatixCL.

The program works with folders that contain a number of bracketed sets, each of which has the same number of photos - for example a folder of sets of three images each. It scans the files in the folder, groups them into sets and processes each set by running on the files in each set.

Download PhotomatixCL Driver for Windows

Download PhotomatixCL Driver for Linux


A command line for processing multiple bracket sets follows this pattern:

[Set Selection Criteria] [PhotomatixCL Command Line]

[Set Selection Criteria] refers to your choices for the directory to look in, the number of photos in a set and any criteria that the file names must match.

The criteria are given as command-line options as follows:

  • -n num Number of images per set - e.g. -n 3
  • -s dir Directory to search for images - e.g. -s c:\Images
  • -m pattern Which files to process - e.g. -m "*.jpg" to process only JPEG files. This parameter is optional. If you leave it out, all files in the folder will be processed.

[PhotomatixCL Command Line] is the full command-line you would use to process a bracketed set in PhotomatixCL, but without the image file names. The file names will be added to the command before it is run. Specify all the options that you need for alignment, processing and output.

See the PhotomatixCL Documentation for a description of how to create a PhotomatixCL command-line.


The following command (run on a Windows OS) aligns and merges to HDR the JPEG files in the c:\Images\Sets folder, in sets of three images each, processes them with the preset in the MyPreset.xmp file, and saves the results into c:\Images\ResultFolder.

PhotomatixCL-Driver -n 3 -s "c:\Images\Sets" -m "*.jpg" "c:\Program Files\PhotomatixCL\PhotomatixCL" -a2 -x "c:\Presets\MyPreset.xmp" -d c:\Images\ResultFolder\