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Taking Photos for HDR

The shooting phase is essential for getting good results with Photomatix Pro. To photograph a high contrast scene, you need to take several exposures in order to capture information in both the highlights and the shadows of the scene. The exposures taken must properly cover the dynamic range of the scene, especially the shadows.

The number of photos you need depends on the scene. It also depends on the Exposure Value (EV) spacing separating the photos. If you take them in one-EV steps (e.g., -1, 0, +1 EV), you will need more photos than if you take them in two-EV steps (e.g., -2, 0, +2 EV). We recommend shooting in two-EV steps whenever possible.

Refer to the Photomatix FAQ for the best way to capture HDR photos as well as advices on the number of exposures and exposure spacing.

The FAQ has also a section on capturing a very high contrast scene.

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